Manipulation: WHYY Middle School Filmmakers

There is no shortage of imagination in a room of middle schoolers who are given a superhero movie assignment.

When writing¬†Manipulation this¬†group of students gave the power to Huntress, a superhero known for her kindness and super strength in the community. Huntress falls short of her duties when Sicilian the Villain takes control of her mind, forcing her to harm the people she serves and it is only through friendship she is able to break free of the villain’s spell.

Students in grades 5-8 wrote, shot, and edited the piece during a two-week summer camp at WHYY’s headquarters in Philadelphia. Click play to enjoy the youth summer campers’ production.

Anna Langenberger, Antoinette Ellis, Holly Parrott, Daphne Frank, Gav Yehezkel, Spencer Thorne