Kensington: Media Lab Students Win PSA Competition

Seniors at Kensington High School and members of WHYY Media Lab created a PSA about the dangers of plastic and the benefits of tap water reusable bottles. The video, which was entered into the Facts on Tap competition, emerged as the winning video.

The film was created by students Moriah Smith, Anais Paredes-Santos, Siana Paredes-Santos, Daniel Finch, and Ryan Antipana. Mr. Dave Jennis, Film teacher and Media Lab lead teacher at Kensington High School, helped supervise the production of the PSA with assistance from WHYY Media Lab instructor, Indy Shome.

For more information about the Facts on Tap competition, visit this site.

Moriah S, Daniel F, Ryan A, Anais P-S, Siana P-S