G.W. Childs: Expressing Yourself During and After-school Hours

Students at G.W. Childs filmed and edited a lot of different productions for the school’s WHYY Media Lab. Both in school and after school, students at Childs worked hard on perfecting visual stories featuring their voices and ideas.


Tales from the First Grade: After reading a new book series in class, students retell the stories by using hand-made stick puppets.

Smoothie Time: ESOL students worked together to create video explaining how to make an avocado smoothie.

After- school

Paying It Forward: The Childs Media Club takes a look at the benefits of helping others.

Kindness Month:¬†Childs’s students, teachers and staff participated in the annual Kindness Month.

Dancing Love: Seventh grader Corey S. explains why he loves to dance to the media club.